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Cold drawn precision seamless Steel Tube

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Each drawing process is controlled strictly to minimum the tube inner and outer diameter Tolerance
OD tolerance can be controlled +/-0.03
ID tolerance can controlled +/-0.05

Other special requirements of tolerance can also be adopted

Surface roughness
Tube is drawn by mandrel and oil of each process so that the outer and inner surface is very smooth without any burr. Normalizing process makes the surface more shinning like mirror. Surface roughness can be controlled within Ra 0.2. No oxidized residual substances enable the hydraulic fluid and pneumatic gas go through the tube fluently.

Concentricity and straightness
Strong wear resistance, High concentricity and Good straightness
We can control Straightness within 0.5/1000 which makes tubes easy for processing, machining and improve the processing efficiency and quality of finished products.

Mechanical Properties
The tube can be bent at any figure and bear the impact of high pressure, cold bending, flaring and flattening without any crack and breaks. The tube is with good elongation and tensile strength so different machining process can be arranged without special treatment.

Usage: Automotive industry, hydraulic system and other machine parts for high standard surface and mechanical properties.

Delivery condition:

Surface Coating:
Color: Silver, yellow or olive green
Thickness: above 8um as per customer needs
Salty spray test hours: 48hours to 200hours as per customer needs.

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